Operational standard for the use of disposition authorizations

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  1. Effective Date

    This Standard takes effect on April 1, 2015.

  1. Application

    2.1 This Standard applies to government institutions as defined in Section 2 of the Library and Archives of Canada Act.

  1. Context

    3.1 This Standard supports any LAC disposition authorization by outlining the requirements for its use.

    3.2 LAC disposition authorizations provide for the on-going disposition of government records under the control of a GC institution, where “control” means the decision-making authority over the records. 

  1. Standard Statement

    4.1 Objectives

    To support efficient and effective management of government records through the use of disposition authorizations, and to protect the integrity of archival records and ensure their timely transfer to LAC.

    4.2 Expected Result

    Government institutions are able to efficiently and effectively dispose of records, including the timely transfer of archival records to LAC.

  1. Requirements

    The Information Management Senior Official (IMSO) or equivalent is responsible for:

  2. 5.1 Ensuring the protection of the records the Librarian and Archivist considers to have archival value, as described in the applicable disposition authorization, from serious damage or loss, wherever they are located, prior to their transfer to the care and control of Library and Archives Canada.

    5.2 Conveying the provisions of a disposition authorization to all those responsible for its application.

    5.3 Ensuring the revision and metadata updates of security designation and Access to Information exemptions before the transfer of archival records to LAC.

    5.4 Ensuring the protection of archival records loaned to an institution to which the Library and Archives of Canada Act does not apply, by including terms and conditions provided by LAC in the loan agreement.

    5.5 Informing LAC in writing of any change in the retention periods for archival records, transfer or termination of program activities and/or associated records, change in format or management method of archival records.

  1. Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

    6.1       LAC will review this Standard, as well as any applicable LAC policy and related instruments, and their effectiveness, three years following the date of its issue, or as required.

  1. Consequences

    7.1 Consequences of non-compliance with a disposition authorization and related Standards may include informal follow-ups and requests from LAC, or formal direction on corrective measures to be put in place.

    Consequences of non-compliance with a disposition authorization can include any measure allowed by the Library and Archives of Canada Act that the Librarian and Archivist of Canada would determine as appropriate and acceptable in the circumstances, including the review, suspension or revocation of the disposition authorization(s) issued to a government institution.

  1. Definitions
    Changes (Changements) [inspired by the Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structures]:
    amendments resulting in a change in the nature and/or scope of a Strategic Outcome and/or program at the Program Alignment Architecture levels for parliamentary display in the Estimates documents (e.g., the inclusion of a new Strategic Outcome or Program; the deletion or merging of an existing Strategic Outcome or Program).
    Disposition (disposition):
    destruction or alienation of records, or transfer of records of archival value to LAC
    Records (documents) [From the Library and Archives of Canada Act]:
    “record” means any documentary material other than a publication, regardless of medium or form.
  1. References

    Library and Archives of Canada Act

    Directive on Recordkeeping

    Directive on Information Management Roles and Responsibilities

    TBS guidelines on Information Management

  1. Information

    Please address any questions about this Standard to:

    Library and Archives Canada
    Contact Centre
    550 de la Cité Boulevard
    Gatineau, Québec
    J8T 0A7

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