Poster-Creating Areas of Government Institutions (96/024)

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The National Archivist of Canada, pursuant to subsections 5(1) and 6(1) of the National Archives of Canada Act, is of the opinion that the posters created for and under the control of a government institution as defined in the National Archives of Canada Act are of historic or archival importance and are required to be transferred to the care and control of the National Archives of Canada in accordance with the appended terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for the Transfer of Archival Records From All Poster-Creating Areas of the Government Institutions

A. Scope of the Authority

Records Disposition Authority No. 96/024 applies to all posters and broadsides created by or for all institutions of the Government of Canada. A poster is defined as a single or multi-sheet notice, chiefly pictorial, made to attract the attention to events, activities, causes, goods, or services for posting, usually in a public place, and intended to make an impression from a distance. A broadside is a single textual notice, printed on one side only and intended to be read unfolded and publicly posted, such as proclamations, news-sheets, and handbills. This authority does not apply to posters and broadsides under the control of an institution that were not created by or for that institution, or to posters used to announce personnel-related activities such as competitions, secondments, and appeals.

B. Identifying the Archival Records

  1. Identify and set aside two (2) copies of every poster created by or for the institution at the time of their printing/creation, and store in an appropriate area.

C. Organizing the Archival Records for Transfer

  1. Prepare posters for transfer by keeping the records flat. Do not bend or roll posters.
  2. Provide appropriate contextual file information from originating area, including record or file number. Each transfer should be accompanied by whatever other finding aids exist, including but not limited to lists, index cards, microfiche, or electronic tracking systems.
  3. Transfer archival records to Library and Archives Canada as follows:
    1. two (2) copies of all extant posters (pre-existing material) by 15 September 1997;
    2. for future posters, transfer in annual increments at the end of each fiscal year (31 March).

D. Further Information

For further information relating to these Terms and Conditions for the Transfer of Archival Records (including, but not limited to, technical considerations), contact Library and Archives Canada.

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