Government Information Management and Disposition

Disposition and appraisal

Disposition is the process which enables government institutions to dispose of records which no longer have operational value, either by permitting their destruction (at the discretion of institutions), by requiring their transfer to Library and Archives Canada, or by agreeing to their alienation from the control of the Government of Canada.  These decisions are based on appraisals conducted by archivists.

Information Management (IM)

Library and Archives Canada provides leadership in the Government of Canada (GC) IM community by working collaboratively with the central agencies, GC departments and others to develop standards, tools and best practices for IM. We also provide informed advice, guidance and services to our clients through a variety of means including our Liaison Centre.

Generic Valuation Tools (GVTs)
These documents help streamline the recordkeeping process of Government of Canada institutions by making recommendations about which information resources have business value with suggested retention periods for common administrative and operational functions.
Library and Archives Canada guidelines on information management and the transfer of archival records.
Retention Guidelines: see Generic Valuation Tools (GVTs)
Disposing of surplus publications
Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World -- newsletter
This newsletter highlights issues pertaining to recordkeeping practices in the public and private sector by providing links to current news articles, websites, journals and conferences from sources around the world.

Progress on the government record backlog

Liaison Centre

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