Federal Libraries Coordination Secretariat (FLCS)

Objectives and Challenges

The objective of the Federal Libraries Coordination Secretariat (FLCS) is to provide Library and Archives Canada (LAC) with strategic advice on how best to meet its mandate "to coordinate the library services of government institutions" and to "provide leadership and direction for library services of government institutions" (Source: Library and Archives of Canada Act, Sections 7(e) and 8(h), respectively) as well as ensure a good relationship between LAC and the federal library community.
The challenges facing federal libraries include resource requirements renewal and complex issues surrounding the licensing of electronic information resources, have multiplied in recent years, requiring more attention and greater coordination efforts.
The business arm of the Secretariat is the Federal Libraries Consortium.

Management of FLCS

  • Federal Libraries Coordination Secretariat
  • Federal Libraries Consortium: Anne Chartrand, Electronic Resources Officer.


The Agatha Bystram Award for Leadership in Information Management was instituted in 1995. It recognizes the contribution of Agatha Bystram to the management of federal information resources, celebrates her commitment to client service, and encourages continued progress in these areas by recognizing other such innovators in her name. The award has been reconstituted as a Government of Canada Information Management Community Award, the Cardillo-Bystram Award on GCPedia.

Contact Information

Federal Libraries Coordination Secretariat
Place de la Cité,
550 de la Cité Boulevard,
Gatineau, PQ K1A 0N4
Telephone: 613-410-9752
Fax: 819-934-7539
Email: BAC.SCBGF-FLCS.LAC@canada.ca

FLCS Discussion List

FLC-CBF-GEN is an electronic mailing list for federal government libraries. The list, which uses the LAC Internet server, is a forum for distributing news and information of interest to the federal library community, and for discussing issues of common concern.
The list is unmoderated and is open to anyone interested in communicating with the federal government library community.
Messages can be posted in English or in French.
To subscribe to the list, send an email to: LISTSERV@listserv.lac-bac.gc.ca
In the body of the message type: SUBSCRIBE FLC-CBF-GEN [First name] [Last name] 
To post a message to the list, email the message to: FLC-CBF-GEN@listserv.lac-bac.gc.ca
To unsubscribe from the list, send an email to: LISTSERV@listserv.lac-bac.gc.ca
In the body of the message type: SIGNOFF FLC-CBF-GEN
For further information, contact: FLC-CBF-GEN-request@listserv.lac-bac.gc.ca
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