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Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will continue to invest $1.5 million per year in this fourth year of the five-year Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP). This program aims to ensure that Canada’s continuing memory is documented and accessible to current and future generations by adopting a more collaborative approach with local documentary heritage communities. The DHCP will be delivered in the form of contributions, which are based on eligibility criteria.

Simplified Application Process

The DHCP has implemented a new simplified application process that will enable applicants to submit their applications, and complete any requirements easily and securely, through the new online portal. Please note that no other method (for example, email or mail) will be accepted. We invite you to consult the PDF version of the application form to help you prepare your online application.

Modified Project Assessment Criteria

Note: The Project Assessment Criteria have been revised slightly.

Public Acknowledgement of Financial Assistance

Recipients must publicly recognize, in both official languages, financial assistance received from the Documentary Heritage Communities Program of Library and Archives Canada (LAC). This financial assistance must be acknowledged in all advertising, promotional and program materials, public announcements, website and social media content, etc. LAC’s requirements for public acknowledgement of financial assistance have been incorporated into all contribution agreements with funded recipients. Failure to comply with the requirements described in the contribution agreement could result in the cancellation of funding. More information can be found by consulting the Guide on the Public Acknowledgement of Financial Assistance from Library and Archives Canada. Please note that all funding information is considered confidential until LAC has made a public announcement.

Interim and Final Assessment, and Financial Reports

All recipients must complete a Final Assessment and Financial Report by March 31, 2019. Should multi-year recipients not submit this report, they will not receive funding for subsequent years. Should recipients not submit this report, they will not be eligible for further funding cycles and may be asked to repay the contribution.

In addition, recipients that have been awarded large contributions are required to complete and submit the Interim Assessment and Financial Report by January 15, 2019, for approval, to receive the remainder of the 15% holdback. These documents are only available through the online portal, located under the 1.0 Eligibility Requirements tasks: 1.6 Interim Report and 1.7 Final Report.

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