Cataloguing in Publication information for libraries

The Canadian Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) ProgramFootnote1 has been uniquely dedicated to the creation and provision of high-quality, pre-publication cataloguing records for forthcoming Canadian monographs, along with related authority records, for over forty years. More than 650 publishers, ranging from traditional trade publishers to museums, genealogical societies and small indie presses, participate in the program by submitting information about their books in advance of publication. Thanks to this wide variety of publishers, cataloguers working within the CIP Program create approximately 600 bibliographic records each month for materials that range from children’s board books to art gallery catalogues, and from mystery novels to legal textbooks. Through the prompt dissemination of this cataloguing information, the Canadian CIP Program supports libraries in Canada and around the world in their acquisition, description and classification of new Canadiana.

Libraries may download bibliographic and authority MARC records created through the Canadian CIP Program by obtaining an OCLC cataloguing subscription.

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