How to complete the Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) application form

Step 1 – Contact information

Publisher information

Provide the publisher's name and other information, as required, so that the CIP office knows who is publishing the work.

Contact information

Provide the contact information for the main individual responsible for this application. The individual identified here will be the primary contact for all correspondence between the CIP office and the publisher regarding this application.

Step 2 – Request details

1. CIP agent

Indicate whether the form should be submitted to Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) or Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Applications from French-language publishers situated in Quebec must be submitted to BAnQ. All other applications must be submitted to LAC.

2. Planned date of publication

Indicate the year and approximate month in which the book will be issued, using the calendar provided.

3. Date that the CIP record for this title is needed

To assist the CIP office in setting priorities for incoming CIP requests, indicate the date by which you require the CIP data, using the calendar provided. Please note that we need at least 15 business days to provide a CIP record.

4. Complete transcription as it will appear on the title page

Title and subtitle(s)

Provide the title and subtitle(s) exactly as they appear on the publication's title page. For cataloguing purposes, the title on the title page takes precedence over any other title appearing on the publication (such as on the cover or dust jacket). For works in more than one language, include all titles that will appear on the title page(s) or elsewhere in the publication.

Edition statement, if any

If applicable, indicate the current edition of the work as it will appear in the publication (e.g., second revised edition, third enlarged and corrected edition, first Canadian edition). Please include the names and responsibilities of any individuals associated with this edition (e.g., “with corrections and additions by [name]”).

Author(s), editor(s), translator(s), etc.

List all the authors and other contributors, specifying their roles and functions (e.g., edited by, compiled by, under the direction of, translated by, illustrated by), exactly as they will appear on the title page, and in the order in which they will appear.

Publisher's imprint

Provide the specific publisher name(s) that will appear on the title page. (Sometimes publishers use different names or imprints, depending on the type of book or audience.)

Co-publisher(s) (if any)

If the work is being published by more than one publisher, please provide the name of the additional publisher as it will appear within the publication.

Place of publication

Provide the place(s) of publication exactly as it/they will appear within the work, including any abbreviations (e.g., Winnipeg; Vancouver, B.C.; Toronto, ON, Canada). If the publisher location(s) will appear on multiple pages, please favour the location(s) given on the title page.

5. Full name, date of birth and nationality of author(s), editor(s), translator(s), etc.

The information LAC collects pertaining to individuals enables it to accurately catalogue and classify materials in its care. In addition to date of birth and nationality, please provide the most complete form of name available for each individual, even if a different or shorter form of name is used on the title page. While dates of birth are not mandatory, they do help us to distinguish between similar names, thus ensuring that authors and other contributors are properly credited for their work.

6. Previous editions, versions, or translations

Title from previous edition(s), if different

Provide titles of previous editions so that the links between editions can be created in the catalogue records.

ISBN, date of previous edition(s)

Provide the International Standard Book Number(s) (ISBN) and date(s) for any previous edition.

Is this a reprint?

If there are no changes in content or format, a book is considered to be a reprint and the previous catalogue record is reissued.

Is this a translation?

Indicate the original title of a work that has been translated.

7. If this publication is issued as part of a series

Title of the series (if any)

Provide the series title exactly as it will appear on the book, as well as the ISSN, if applicable. When the series title appears in multiple languages, please provide all titles and indicate the order in which they will appear in the publication.

8. Series numbering

If the application is for a book that is part of a series, please indicate the number associated with this particular volume.

9. ISBN, format

Give the ISBN(s) assigned to the work. Each format of the work (e.g., e-book, mobi, softcover, hardcover) should have a separate ISBN. For help with obtaining and assigning ISBNs, please contact ISBN Canada. To indicate the format for each ISBN, use the drop-down menu provided. If the application is for a multi-volume work, indicate the volume number(s) following each ISBN. If the format is not included in the drop-down list, please select “other” and indicate the format in the box provided.

10. If the publication is a multi-volume work, how many volumes are planned?

Provide the number of volumes expected to be in this set.

ISBN assigned to work as a whole

If an ISBN has been assigned to the set as a whole, please provide the ISBN number.

11. Conference proceedings

Provide the following information for entire or partial proceedings of a meeting, seminar, symposium, colloquium or conference—annual or otherwise:

  • the name of the meeting, conference, etc., as it will appear on the title page or elsewhere in the publication (e.g., 25th  Annual Meeting of the Canadian Philatelic Association, Third Symposium on Psychiatric Medicine)
  • the location where it was held
  • the date(s) of the event (including day and month), or range of dates (if applicable)

12. Does the book contain a bibliography, bibliographical references, and/or an index?

Indicate whether the work contains a bibliography, bibliographical references, and/or an index. Please note that references present within the text (e.g., footnotes) are considered to be bibliographical references.

13. Genre of publication (e.g., novel, poetry, essay, etc.)

Use the drop-down menu to indicate the genre of the work. If the genre of the publication is not included in the drop-down list, please select “other” and indicate the specific genre in the box provided.

14. Primary audience

Indicate the audience for whom the publication is intended using the drop-down list. If none of the options apply, please select “other” and indicate the intended audience in the space provided.

15. What is this book about?

Summarize the contents of the work. Include the book's major characteristics, such as its scope, topic(s) or theme(s). In order for the CIP record to include accurate subject headings, please be as specific as possible, including details such as dates and time periods, places, historical characters, ethnic groups, audiences, and works discussed.

In the case of an exhibition catalogue, details should include the ownership of the works exhibited, the galleries or museums to which the exhibition will travel, dates the exhibition was held, and the contributors to the text. Information about the artist(s) involved and the themes and the medium of the art exhibited are also essential.

Please note that the text provided in this box, though not included in the CIP data block, is often copied directly into our database. This enables librarians, booksellers, and others who may consult the record to further assess the content of the book.

16. Attachments

Please attach a proof of the title page for the work. For non-fiction books it is particularly important that copies of the introduction and table of contents are also attached, as they are essential for ensuring that the assigned subject headings are accurate. Other relevant files may include proofs of the cover, preface or copyright page.

17. Is this publication bilingual or multilingual?

Please indicate languages and proportion of each language. This pertains to publications that include text in more than one language, not a work published simultaneously in two or more languages. Please list all of the languages appearing in the book, the proportion of each language, and any notable details about the use of each language in the publication.

Step 3 – Review and Submit your Request

Please review your submission before submitting. If it is ready to send, click “Submit”. After you have submitted your application you will receive an email containing a CIP confirmation number. Please refer to this confirmation number in any subsequent correspondence with the CIP office regarding your application.

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