Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) eligibility

The CIP Program at Library and Archives Canada creates cataloguing data for forthcoming Canadian publications intended for public distribution. Services are provided to a large array of Canadian publishers, including the following: trade publishers; university presses; and non-profit associations, galleries and museums. Before submitting your application for CIP data, please consult the following list of ineligible publisher and publication types.

  1. Publisher types excluded from CIPFootnote1
    1. Publishers that do not have a Canadian address, even if their publications are written, printed or distributed in Canada
    2. Publishers/companies that charge for publishing, writing or editorial services for any or all of their publications
    3. Self-publishersFootnote2: (a) authors/contributors who publish their works at their own expense, OR (b) publishers that predominantly publish works written, edited, illustrated, etc., by their organization's or by their imprint's owner(s), founder(s), employee(s), etc., or by any individual closely affiliated with any of the aforementioned persons, OR (c) publishers that predominantly publish the works of a single author
    4. Book vendors, distributors, printers, production houses and other intermediaries
    5. Federal, provincial and municipal governments
  2. Publication types excluded from CIPFootnote1
    1. Websites, blogs, wikis
    2. School material at the elementary and secondary levels (student texts as well as teachers' resources and all ancillary material), including readers
    3. Periodical/serial publications, including annuals, as well as loose-leaf publications that are intended to be updated
    4. Publications intended for a limited or circumscribed distribution (family members, friends, group members or participants at an event, conference or seminar, or clients of a company)
    5. Audio-visual material (including DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, etc.)
    6. Music scores and sheet music
    7. Electronic versions of material previously published in print or another format
    8. Ephemeral publications, such as leaflets, calendars, diaries, trade catalogues, phone books, game books, colouring books, crossword books, blank books
    9. Games
    10. Posters
    11. Maps
    12. Kits (e.g., packages of assorted materials, such as a booklet with a set of picture cards, a musical CD or a DVD; or a book with a toy, a stuffed animal or a poster)
    13. Simple reprints issued by the same publisher and bearing the same ISBN
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