CIP data block format

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Notable features of Library and Archives Canada's data block

  • Easy-to-read format that includes labels for the following data elements:
    • Title
    • Other titles
    • Names
    • Series
    • Description
    • Identifiers
    • Subjects
    • Classification
  • Print and electronic resource data elements are combined into one CIP data block
  • Several Canadian elements are incorporated, including the following:
    • Canadiana control numbers
    • Canadian Subject Headings
    • RVM headings
    • FC, PS8000 and KF Modified classification numbers

Differences between the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Library of Congress (LC) data blocks

Although similar, there are some notable differences between the LAC and LC CIP data blocks, including:

  • The order in which data element groups appear is not the same, as LAC preferred presenting the Title group, rather than the Names group, at the beginning of the block
  • LAC chose not to include the publisher imprint in the Description group
  • LAC decided to create a Series group to clearly present series tracings
  • At LAC, each subject heading is preceded by a sub-label specifying the subject thesaurus used

CIP data block examples

Print version of CIP data block examples [PDF 113 KB]

Example 1 – Gold rush!

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
Title: Gold rush! : El Dorado in British Columbia / Kathryn Bridge.
Other titles: El Dorado in British Columbia
Names: Bridge, Kathryn Anne, 1955- author. | Canadian Museum of History, issuing body.
Series: Souvenir catalogue series ; 14.
Description: Series statement: Souvenir catalogue series, 2291-6385 ; 14 | Issued also in French 
  under title: Ruée vers l'or! : Eldorado en Colombie-Britannique. 
Identifiers: Canadiana 20169009173 | ISBN 9780660031415 (paperback)
Subjects: LCSH: Gold mines and mining—British Columbia—History. | LCSH: British Columbia—Gold
  discoveries. | CSH: British Columbia—History—1849-1871.
Classification: LCC  FC3820 G6 B75 2016 | DDC 971.1/02—dc23

Example 2 – Ruée vers l'or!

Catalogage avant publication de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

Titre: Ruée vers l'or! : Eldorado en Colombie-Britannique / Kathryn Bridge.
Autres titres: Eldorado en Colombie-Britannique
Noms: Bridge, Kathryn Anne, 1955-, auteur. | Musée canadien de l'histoire, organisme de publication.
Collections: Collection catalogue-souvenir ; 14.
Description: Mention de collection: La collection Catalogue-souvenir, 2291-6385 ; 14 | Publié aussi 
  en anglais sous le titre : Gold rush!: El Dorado in British Columbia.
Identifiants: Canadiana 20169009181 | ISBN 9780660031422 (couverture souple)
Vedettes-matière: RVM: Or—Mines et extraction—Colombie-Britannique—Histoire. | RVM:
  Colombie-Britannique—Découvertes d'or. | RVM: Colombie-Britannique—Histoire—1849-1871.
Classification: LCC FC3820 G6 B7514 2016 | CDD 971.1/02—dc23

Example 3 – Toronto's Fighting 75th in the Great War, 1915-1919

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Title: Toronto's Fighting 75th in the Great War, 1915-1919 : a prehistory of the Toronto Scottish 
  Regiment (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Own) / Timothy J. Stewart.
Other titles: Toronto's Fighting Seventy-fifth in the Great War, 1915-1919
Names: Stewart, Timothy J., 1955- author.
Description: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Identifiers: Canadiana (print) 20169061213 | Canadiana (ebook) 20169061221 | ISBN 9781771121828
  (hardback) | ISBN 9781771121835 (ebook)
Subjects: LCSH: Canada. Canadian Army. Toronto Scottish Regiment. | LCSH: World War, 1914-1918─
  Regimental histories─Canada. | LCSH: World War, 1914-1918─Campaigns─France, Northern. | LCSH: 
  World War, 1914-1918─Campaigns─Belgium.
Classification: LCC D547 C2 S74 2016 | DDC 940.4/1271—dc23

Example 4 – Au-delà de l'exiguïté

Catalogage avant publication de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

Titre: Au-delà de l'exiguïté : échos et convergences dans les littératures minoritaires / sous la 
  direction de Jimmy Thibeault, Daniel Long, Désiré Nyela et Jean Wilson.
Noms: Association des professeurs de littératures acadienne et québécoise de l'Atlantique. 
  Colloque (23e : 2013 : Université Sainte-Anne) | Wilson, Jean, 1961- éditeur intellectuel. | 
  Thibeault, Jimmy, 1976- éditeur intellectuel. | Nyela, Désiré, éditeur intellectuel. | Long, 
  Daniel, 1975- éditeur intellectuel.
Collections: Collection Archipel.
Description: Mention de collection : Archipel / APLAQA | Comprend des références bibliographiques.
Identifiants: Canadiana 20169058565 | ISBN 9782896911653 (couverture souple)
Vedettes-matière: RVM: Littérature québécoise─Histoire et critique. | RVM: Littérature
  acadienne─Histoire et critique. | RVM: Littérature québécoise─Auteurs issus des minorités─Histoire et critique. 
  | RVMGF: Actes de congrès.
Classification : LCC PS8073.5 A9 2016 | CDD C840.9/971—dc23
  • CIP data block mapping

    The information below is provided for libraries that use the CIP data block for cataloguing purposes. It outlines where the data from specific MARC fields appear in the CIP data block.


    Title Statement and statement of responsibility

    Other titles

    Preferred (Uniform) Title – Primary Access Point
    Preferred (Uniform) Title – Additional Access Point
    Variant Title
    Preferred (Uniform) Title – Additional Access Point
    Uncontrolled Related/Analytical Title


    1XX (not 130)
    Personal, Corporate, or Conference Names - Primary Access Point
    7XX (not 730/740)
    Additional Names


    Authorized Access Point for Series


    Edition Statement
    Series Statement
    General Note
    Bibliographic Reference Note
    Contents Note (Included when the title is a multi-part set)
    Language Note


    Canadiana Control Number (print and electronic included)
    ISBN (all included)


    Library of Congress Subject Headings
    Canadian Subject Headings
    RVM Subject headings (for French records)
    Genre/Form terms


    Library of Congress Classification Number assigned by LAC
    Dewey Decimal Classification Number
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