Apply for Cataloguing in Publication

First-time applicants are encouraged to read our page outlining the CIP application process.

Please remember that the completed CIP request must include:

  • all mandatory information requested on the form;
  • a proof of the title page; and
  • any additional material (e.g., preface, introduction, table of contents, and/or cover), as needed for completion of cataloguing.

Please allow 15 working days for the completion of cataloguing (not including weekends and statutory holidays).

You will receive an email containing a CIP confirmation number after submitting your application. Please refer to this number if contacting us about your application.

Note: Any information, including personal information, gathered during the CIP application process may be made available publicly through one or more of our cataloguing products. Our recording of this information—which helps us to properly credit authors and publishers for their works and ultimately helps our clients find publications—adheres to internationally accepted standards of bibliographic description.

Certain publications are ineligible for CIP. Please confirm that you have read our eligibility page and that you consider your publication to be eligible for CIP.

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