Cataloguing in Publication application process

The application process begins when the publisher sends information about a forthcoming title to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) using the CIP application form. The form and a proof of the title page must be submitted at least 15 working days in advance of the date by which CIP data is required. If available, proofs of the preface, introduction, cover, and/or table of contents are also attached to the application form. After the form has been submitted, the publisher receives an email containing the CIP confirmation number, which should be used in correspondence regarding the application. Throughout the process, LAC cataloguing staff may contact the publisher in order to obtain additional information for completing the application.

Once the application is received, it is placed in a queue for processing by the CIP office. Details provided on the application form and on attached proofs are used to create a preliminary cataloguing record, which is used to generate a CIP data block. The data block is then sent to the publisher by email. The publisher copies the data block and places it on the title page verso of the book.

If, after receiving the CIP data block, the publisher makes changes to the work, the CIP office should be notified immediately. So long as the work has not yet been published, the CIP office is normally able to revise the cataloguing record and, if necessary, send an updated data block to the publisher.

How to complete the CIP application form

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