LAC Dewey Decimal Classification Policy

LAC usually follows the recommended standard notation as set out in the DDC schedules, or Decimal Classification Division practice where stated in the introductory notes or the DDC manual. Options enclosed in parentheses are not followed.
LAC observes the following exceptions to normal Dewey classification rules, to make allowance for the specific requirements of Canadian libraries:

Canadian literature

Canadian literary works are distinguished by adding an uppercase "C" as a prefix to the appropriate DDC number. This is an option provided by the editors at 810 and 840, but it is LAC policy to add the "C" prefix to distinguish Canadian literature in all languages throughout the literature schedules.  

Canadian history

For works on certain historical events, a number in 971 (Canadian history) is preferred over a number in 973 (U.S. history). These events include: 
  • 971.0188 - Seven Years' War (French and Indian War), 1756-1763 (not 973.26)
  • 971.022 - Pontiac's conspiracy, 1763-1764 (not 973.27)
  • 971.034 - War of 1812 (not 973.52) 

Juvenile literature

Works directed at juvenile readers (i.e. up to approximately age 15) are distinguished by adding a lowercase "j" as a prefix to the appropriate DDC number.

The "j" prefix is used throughout the DDC schedules for works written for the child's own reading. The "j" is in one-to-one correspondence with the target audience code j ("juvenile") in the 008 field of a MARC 21 record.

Although the subdivision  -- Juvenile literature is applied to juvenile textbooks, these works are not classed using the "j" prefix.

Where a publisher has merely reissued an adult work for use by children, the "j" is used only when the text has been substantially rewritten or simplified for children's use, not if changes have been made merely to format, cover design, illustrations, type size, etc.

Alphabetical arrangement

LAC does not follow instructions to "arrange alphabetically", which occur in a few places in the Dewey schedules, particularly in the computer schedules at 005, as this could cause problems where English and French spellings differ.
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