This page leads to indexes linking Canadian Subject Headings (CSH) subdivisions with French language subdivisions of the Répertoire de vedettes-matière (RVM).
Depending whether you click on List of Subdivisions - English-French [PDF 55 KB] or List of Subdivisions - French-English [PDF 58 KB], the same list is displayed, one organized by the alphabetical order of the English subdivisions, the other by the order of the French subdivisions.
List of Subdivisions - English-French is organized in a bilingual English-French format. The English language subdivision is given in boldface type, and its French language equivalent(s) from RVM, in regular type. List of Subdivisions - French-English is organized in a bilingual French-English format. The French language equivalent from RVM is given in boldface type, and the English language equivalent from CSH, in regular type.
An English language subdivision or French language subdivision may correspond to more than one subdivision in the other language; the user must then select the one matching the subject of the work being catalogued. Occasionally, the equivalent in the other language may be a heading rather than a subdivision. 
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