New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: August 2010

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1021D9044 Armories--Canada
  • 1021H9059 Bessborough Armoury (Vancouver, B.C.)
  • 1021L8629 Coppermine River (N.W.T. and Nunavut)
  • 1021B8635 Coppermine River Region (N.W.T. and Nunavut)
  • 1021C8634 Coppermine River Valley (N.W.T. and Nunavut)
  • 1021C8707 Dunvegan Bridge (Alta.)
  • 1021D8803 Ethnic brokers--Canada
  • 1021F8968 Hartland Covered Bridge (Hartland, N.B.)
  • 1021F9034 Indian Path Common (N.S.)
  • 1021G8193 Inverarden House National Historic Site (Cornwall, Ont.)
  • 1021A8199 Kingston Fortifications National Historic Site (Kingston, Ont.)
  • 1021C8200 Laurier House National Historic Site (Ottawa, Ont.)
  • 1021F8194 Sir John Johnson House National Historic Site (Williamstown, Ont.)
  • 1021D9060 Vancouver (B.C.)--Buildings, structures, etc


Revision to Headings

Table 1 - Revision to Headings

Former Heading New Heading
0200E2499 Canada$xHistory$yWar of 1812$xPeriodicals 0200E2499 Canada$xHistory$yWar of 1812$vPeriodicals
0200B2505 Canada$xHistory$y War of 1812$xPosters 0200B2505 Canada$xHistory$y War of 1812$vPosters
0200B0804 Canada$xHistory$xPeriodicals 0200B0804 Canada$xHistory$vPeriodicals
0200A0805 Canada$xHistory$xPeriodicals$xIndexes 0200A0805 Canada$xHistory$xPeriodicals$vIndexes
0200E0542 Canadian literature$xHistory and criticism$xPeriodicals 0200E0542 Canadian literature$xHistory and criticism$vPeriodicals
0200B0715 Cookery--Canada 0200B0715 Cooking--Canada
0200H3611 Cookery, Acadian 0200H3611 Cooking, Acadian
0200G3612 Cookery, Canadian 0200G3612 Cooking, Canadian
1002E1758 Cookery, Canadian--Alberta style 1002E1758 Cooking, Canadian--Alberta style
1002D1759 Cookery, Canadian--British Columbia style 1002D1759 Cooking, Canadian--British Columbia style
0200H4782 Cookery, Canadian--Manitoba style 0200H4782 Cooking, Canadian--Manitoba style
0200A4053 Cookery, Canadian--Maritime style 0200A4053 Cooking, Canadian--Maritime style
1002L1760 Cookery, Canadian--New Brunswick style 1002L1760 Cooking, Canadian--New Brunswick style
0200E0747 Cookery, Canadian--Newfoundland style 0200E0747 Cooking, Canadian--Newfoundland and Labrador style
0200D4425 Cookery, Canadian--Nova Scotia style 0200D4425 Cooking, Canadian--Nova Scotia style
1009D9731 Cookery, Canadian--Nunavut style 1009D9731 Cooking, Canadian--Nunavut style
0200L4860 Cookery, Canadian--Ontario style 0200L4860 Cooking, Canadian--Ontario style
0200D0748 Cookery, Canadian--Prairie style 0200D0748 Cooking, Canadian--Prairie style
0200L4054 Cookery, Canadian--Prince Edward Island style 0200L4054 Cooking, Canadian--Prince Edward Island style
0200G4783 Cookery, Canadian--Saskatchewan style 0200G4783 Cooking, Canadian--Saskatchewan style
0200K4055 Cookery, Canadian--Yukon style 0200K4055 Cooking, Canadian--Yukon style
0200D3615 Cookery, French-Canadian 0200D3615 Cooking, French-Canadian
0200C0749 Cookery, French-Canadian--Québec style 0200C0749 Cooking, French-Canadian--Québec style

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 1021F0711 Athabasca River Watershed (Alta.)
  • 0200D0055 Bridges--Canada
  • 0200J2185 Canada--Armed Forces--Facilities
  • 1001K6911 Canada--Emigration and immigration
  • 0200A0945 Canada--Population--Ethnic groups
  • 1006C6036 Child labor--Canada
  • 1021F7155 Chinese Canadian football players
  • 0200K3032 Fort Lévis (N.Y.)--Capture, 1760
  • 1014J5178 Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site (B.C.)
  • 1012D2687 Government House (Winnipeg, Man. : Kennedy Street)
  • 0200F3184 Hamilton Metropolitan Area (Ont.)
  • 0200B3196 Historic sites--Canada
  • 1005G0780 Home children (Canadian immigrants)
  • 1005E0782 Home children (Canadian immigrants)--Prairie Provinces
  • 1019F4732 Labelle, Lake (Les Laurentides, Québec : Lake)
  • 1021J2983 Matheson Island (Man. : Island)
  • 1021E5323 Military bases--Canada
  • 0200C1702 National parks and reserves--Canada
  • 0200C0188 Rivers--Canada
  • 0200K4039 Trails--Canada
  • 0200C3772 Valleys--Canada

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