New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: JuneĀ 2013

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1024-J-2181 Mississagi River Indian Reserve No. 8 (Ont.)
  • 1024-H-2182 Whitefish Lake Indian Reserve No. 6 (Ont.)
  • 1024-G-2183 Garden River Indian Reserve No. 14 (Ont.)
  • 1024-F-2184 Thessalon Indian Reserve No. 12 (Ont.)
  • 1024-E-2207 Obadjiwan Indian Reserve No. 15E (Ont.)
  • 1024-G-2205 Goulais Bay Indian Reserve No. 15A (Ont.)
  • 1024-D-2208 Rankin Location Indian Reserve No. 15D (Ont.)
  • 1024-C-2209 Whitefish Island Indian Reserve (Ont.)
  • 1024-G-2302 Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto, Ont.)
  • 1024-H-2328 Bangladeshi Canadians
  • 1024-C-2330 Basque Canadians
  • 1024-F-2338 Berber Canadians
  • 1024-E-2339 Colombian Canadians
  • 1024-L-2341 Guatemalan Canadians
  • 1024-H-2344 Peruvian Canadians
  • 1024-F-2346 Mauritian Canadians
  • 1024-D-2348 Central American Canadians
  • 1024-F-2370 Serpent River Indian Reserve No. 7 (Ont.)


Revision to Headings

  • 0200-A-0376 Stanley Cup

Revision only to References and/or Notes

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Cancelled Records

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