New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: December 2015

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1025-J-1539 Toques
  • 1025-K-1538 Caps (Headgear)--Canada
  • 1025-A-1536 Headgear--Canada
  • 1025-B-1535 Clothing and dress--Canada
  • 1025-K-2259 Salmon Brewster Equine Trail and Campsite (B.C.)
  • 1025-D-2262 Camp sites, facilities, etc.--Canada
  • 1025-K-2445 Mackenzie River Estuary (N.W.T.)
  • 1025-A-2346 Basques, Île aux (Québec)
  • 1025-L-2169 Tod Inlet (B.C.)
  • 1025-B-2345 Pommes, Île aux (Québec)
  • 1025-E-2008 Chinese Canadian hockey players
  • 1025-B-3309 Little Port Joli Basin (N.S.)
  • 1025-A-3547 Université du Québec à Montréal Strike, Montréal, Québec, 2009
  • 1025-F-2384 Bloody Falls Massacre, 1771
  • 1025-J-2578 Îles de la Paix National Wildlife Area (Québec)
  • 1025-A-4675 Nordicity
  • 1025-B-4674 Human geography--Canada
  • 1025-L-4617 Parliament Hill Incident, Ottawa, Ont., 2014
  • 1025-A-4616 Domestic terrorism--Canada
  • 1025-B-4992 Turkey Lake (Algoma, Ont.)
  • 1025-D-5024 Turkey Lakes Watershed (Ont.)
  • 1025-F-4964 South Asian Canadian arts
  • 1025-D-4834 Bellevue (Québec : Seigniory)
  • 1025-K-4782 Toronto City Hall (Toronto, Ont.)
  • 1025-G-4688 Fair dealing (Copyright)--Canada
  • 1025-K-5274 Native men--Canada
  • 1025-E-5325 Dwellings--Alberta
  • 1025-G-5323 Rutherford House (Edmonton, Alta.)
  • 1025-F-5324 Rutherford House Provincial Historic Site (Edmonton, Alta.)
  • 1025-L-5443 Nord, Bras du (Portneuf, Québec)
  • 1025-C-5459 Pekuakamiulnuatsh Indians
  • 1025-E-5716 Alberta--Politics and government--2015-
  • 1025-E-6623 Canada--Politics and government--2015-
  • 1025-F-6622 Canada--Politics and government--2006-2015
  • 1025-B-6863 Breast cancer patients' writings, Canadian


Revision to Headings

  • 0200-F-1335 Québec Conference (1864)
  • 1001-A-6502 Chinese Canadian arts
  • 1009-H-3470 Nord-du-Québec (Québec)
  • 1024-L-5073 Parc La Fontaine (Montréal, Québec)
  • 0200-L-2698 Alberta--Politics and government--1971-2015

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 0200-G-1512 London Conference (1866-1867)
  • 0200-F-3494 Charlottetown Conference (1864)
  • 0200-J-2878 Elections--Canada
  • 0200-C-0595 Canadian poetry--Inuit authors
  • 0200-K-0564 Canadian literature (English)--Inuit authors
  • 0200-B-3773 Vancouver (B.C.)--History--Riot, 1907
  • 1002-J-0758 Rocky Mountains, Canadian (B.C. and Alta.)
  • 1001-K-6911 Canada--Emigration and immigration
  • 1007-K-1866 Blackfoot language

Modification of Tagging, and/or Source Code, and/or Subfield Coding

  • 0200-E-0844 Canada--Juvenile poetry
  • 0200-J-2703 Alberta--In art
  • 0200-B-4060 Mackenzie House (Toronto, Ont.)
  • 0200-K-3245 Indexes (Lists)
  • 0200-H-0426 Dictionaries
  • 0200-F-3478 Catalogs (Lists)
  • 1020-G-3579 Kenneth Creek (B.C.)
  • 1020-C-3580 Kenneth Creek Region (B.C.)
  • 1020-B-3581 Crow Creek (B.C.)
  • 1020-A-3582 Crow Creek Region (B.C.)
  • 1017-K-7486 Taureau Reservoir (Québec)
  • 1016-G-5189 Nimpkish River (B.C.)
  • 1016-G-5235 Nimpkish River Valley (B.C.)
  • 1016-D-8113 Milk River (B.C.)
  • 1016-C-8114 Milk River Region (B.C.)
  • 1015-G-8565 Duncan River (B.C.)
  • 1015-H-1462 Lang Creek (Powell River, B.C.)
  • 1014-F-8935 Lemieux Creek (Thompson-Nicola, B.C.)
  • 1014-E-8936 Lemieux Creek Watershed (Thompson-Nicola, B.C.)
  • 1014-H-2315 Sherwood Lake (Man.)
  • 1013-H-4746 Wahleach Lake (B.C.)
  • 1021-G-6255 Cowichan River (B.C.)
  • 1013-J-5598 Coquihalla Highway (B.C.)
  • 1018-K-5063 Canada--Armed Forces--New Brunswick--Gagetown
  • 1024-D-8974 Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1967 : Montréal, Québec)--Canada
  • 1024-D-3794 Batiscan (Québec : Seigniory)
  • 1009-F-2824 Immigrant sponsorship--Canada

Cancelled Records

  • 1016-D-3219 Canada--Politics and government--2006-
  • 0200-H-3123 General Strike, [province, date]
  • 1016-B-6317 Archibald, Edward, 1872-1945
  • 1020-L-5012 Villiers, Lake, Region (Québec)
  • 0200-G-1997 Parliamentary privileges--Canada
  • 1024-D-3794F Batiscan (Québec : Seigneurie)
  • 1025-L-4595 Les Éboulements (Québec)
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