New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: December 2014

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1024-K-8286 Columbia River Treaty (1961 January 17)
  • 1024-D-8753 Saint Mary’s Bay (N.L.)
  • 1024-G-8971 Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1967 : Montréal, Québec)
  • 1024-D-8974 Expo (International Exhibitions Bureau) (1967 : Montréal, Québec)--Canada
  • 1024-G-9242 Vimy Ridge National Historic Site (Pas-de-Calais, France)
  • 1024-K-9576 North American Free Trade Agreement (1992 October 7)
  • 1024-E-9775 Québec (Province)--Politics and government--2014-
  • 1024-E-9821 Boot Island National Wildlife Area (N.S.)
  • 1025-J-1199 Proverbs, Canadian
  • 1025-J-1202 Proverbs, Canadian (English)
  • 1025-H-1254 Proverbs, Canadian (French)
  • 1025-G-1255 Proverbs, Canadian (French)--Québec (Province)
  • 1025-E-1257 Noir fiction, Canadian
  • 1025-F-1256 Noir fiction, Canadian (English)


Revision to Headings

  • 1023-J-8036 Québec (Province)--Politics and government--2012-
  • 0200-F-1351 Railroads--Canada--Pictorial works

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 0200-K-1285 Québec (Province)
  • 1002-E-2045 Inuit--Games--Canada
  • 0200-G-3248 Indians, Treatment of--Canada
  • 0200-E-1026 Canada. Canadian Armed Forces

Modification of Tagging, and/or Source Code, and/or Subfield Coding

No tagging and/or subfield coding modified this month.

Cancelled Records

  • 1005-F-0463 Canada. Treaties, etc. United States, 1961 Jan. 17
  • 0200-C-2946 Expo 67 (Montréal, Québec)
  • 0200-B-2947 Expo 67 (Montréal, Québec)--Canada
  • 1008-K-0776 Mexico. Treaties, etc. 1992 Oct. 7
  • 1008-B-0781 United States. Treaties, etc. 1992 Oct. 7
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