New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: November 2012

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1023D9495 Autobiographical drama, Canadian
  • 1023C9712 Autobiographical drama, Canadian (English)
  • 1023G9492 French Canadian women
  • 1023E9141 Ontario--English-French relations
  • 1023B9144 Nova Scotia--English-French relations
  • 1023B9713 Prince Edward Island--English-French relations
  • 1023L9146 Newfoundland and Labrador--English-French relations
  • 1023K9147 Saskatchewan--English-French relations
  • 1023J9148 Alberta--English-French relations
  • 1023H9149 British Columbia--English-French relations
  • 1023D9150 Prairie Provinces--English-French relations
  • 1023C9151 Maritime Provinces--English-French relations


Revision to Headings

Table 1 - Revision to Headings

Former Heading New Heading
0200G3175 Grey Cup (Football) 0200G3175 Grey Cup
0200D0098 Brockville (Ont.), Battle of, 1813 0200D0098 Brockville, Battle of, Ont., 1813
0200A3618 Cooks Mills (Welland, Ont.), Battle of, 1814 0200A3618 Cook's Mills, Battle of, Welland, Ont., 1814
0200D1426 Lachine (Québec)--History--Massacre, 1689 0200D1426 Lachine Massacre, Montréal, Québec, 1689

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 0200F3656 Crysler's Farm, Battle of, Ont., 1813
  • 1001J7730 Chippawa, Battle of, Ont., 1814
  • 1003D9550 Châteauguay, Battle of, Québec, 1813
  • 0200A3103 Frenchman's Butte, Battle of, Sask., 1885
  • 0200A0015 Ball's Farm, Battle of, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., 1813
  • 0200F0045 Bloody Run, Battle of, Detroit, Mich., 1763
  • 1004K1525 Belly River, Battle of, Lethbridge, Alta., 1870
  • 1019C8412 Laurier Place Movie Theatre Fire, Montréal, Québec, 1927
  • 0200H1430 Lake of the Woods Massacre, 1736
  • 0200B1606 Massacres--Canada
  • 0200D2589 Acadians--Expulsion, 1758
  • 0200E2588 Acadians--Expulsion, 1755

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