New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: November 2010

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1022J1613 Creative nonfiction, Canadian
  • 1022H1614 Creative nonfiction, Canadian (English)
  • 1022A1599 Great Bear Lake Region (N.W.T.)
  • 1022L1646 Homeless person's writings, Canadian (French)
  • 1022J1648 Homeless person's writings, Canadian (French)--Québec (Province)
  • 1022F1675 Horror plays, Canadian (French)
  • 1022D1677 Horror plays, Canadian (French)--Québec (Province)
  • 1022A1475 Marys Point (N.B.)
  • 1022H1398 Prince of Wales Fort (Man.)
  • 1022G1658 Sports stories, Canadian (French)
  • 1022B1660 Sports stories, Canadian (French)--Québec (Province)
  • 1022C1325 West Montrose Covered Bridge (West Montrose, Ont.)
  • 1022A1483 Wetlands--Canada


Revision to Headings

  • No d headings this month.
  • Revision nly to References and/or Notes
  • 0200D0055 Bridges--Canada
  • 0200G3809 Canadian prose literature
  • 0200J0697 Canadian prose literature (French)
  • 1017E8843 Canadian prose literature (Korean)
  • 1010B7213 Capes (Coasts)--Canada
  • 1001E8439 Fishing stories, Canadian (English)
  • 0200F3052 Fortification--Canada
  • 1020A1849 Great Bear Lake (N.W.T.)
  • 1001C9178 Hockey stories, Canadian
  • 1001B9179 Hockey stories, Canadian (English)
  • 1013G1772 Hockey stories, Canadian (French)
  • 1013C1776 Hockey stories, Canadian (French)--Québec (Province)
  • 1001G9182 Homeless persons' writings, Canadian (English)
  • 1001J9180 Homeless persons' writings, Canadian
  • 1001C9186 Horror plays, Canadian
  • 0200J4102 Horror plays, Canadian (English)
  • 1001E9230 Hunting stories, Canadian
  • 0200K1439 Language policy--Canada
  • 0200F1858 One-act plays, Canadian
  • 0200E0755 One-act plays, Canadian (English)
  • 1012L9049 One-act plays, Canadian (French)
  • 1012E9052 One-act plays, Canadian (French)--Québec (Province)
  • 1002L0055 One-act plays, Canadian (German)
  • 0200L1985 Painters Eleven (Group of artists)
  • 0200A2026 Physical geography--Canada
  • 0200H0213 Saint-Benoît (Mirabel, Québec)--History--Fire, 1837
  • 1002B1009 Sports stories, Canadian
  • 1002H1011 Sports stories, Canadian (English)

Revision only to References and/or Notes

No Revisions to References and/or Notes this month.

Modification of Tagging, and/or Source Code, and/or Subfield Coding

No tagging and/or subfield coding modified this month.

Cancelled Records

No records cancelled this month.

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