New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: October 2010

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1022L0720 Caledonia Land Claim Dispute, Caledonia, Ont., 2006-
  • 1022E0661 Canada. Parliament--Term of office
  • 1022J0676 Canada. Parliament. Senate--Term of office
  • 1022K0764 Iroquois Indians--Land tenure--Canada
  • 1022J0765 Iroquois Indians--Canada--Claims
  • 1022A0762 Iroquois Indians--Canada--Government relations
  • 1022G0309 La Mauricie National Park (Québec)
  • 1022E0335 New Brunswick--Politics and government--2010-
  • 1022G0287 Saint-François River Valley (Québec)
  • 1022E0211 Trinity Creek (B.C.)
  • 1022C0183 Trinity Valley (B.C. : Valley)
  • 1022G0600 Vuntut National Park (Yukon)


Revision to Headings

Table 1 - Revision to Headings

Former Heading New Heading
1005H0771 Floods--Quebec (Province)--Saguenay Region 1005H0771 Floods--Québec (Province)--Saguenay Region
1009-G-6004 Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site (Quebec) 1009-G-6004 Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site (Québec)
1017H5116 Kejimkujik National Historic Site (N.S.) 1017D3443 Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site (N.S.)
1017D3443 Kejimkujik National Park (N.S.) 1017D3443 Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site (N.S.)
1010E6141 Laurentian Mountains (Quebec) 1010E6141 Laurentian Mountains (Québec)
0200E1654 Montréal (Quebec)$xHistory$xFire, 1765 0200E1654 Montréal (Québec)$xHistory$yFire, 1765
1001A9781 Montréal (Quebec)--In motion pictures 1001A9781 Montréal (Québec)--In motion pictures
0200J0794 Municipal government--Quebec (Province) 0200J0794 Municipal government--Québec (Province)
1017A2733 New Brunswick--Politics and government--2006- 1017A2733 New Brunswick--Politics and government--2006-2010
0200H0213 Saint-Benoît (Mirabel, Quebec)--History--Fire, 1837 0200H0213 Saint-Benoît (Mirabel, Québec)--History--Fire, 1837
1012F2081 Saint-Louis, Lake, Region (Quebec) 1012F2081 Saint-Louis, Lake, Region (Québec)

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 0200E2529 Canada--History--Rebellion, 1837-1838--Campaigns
  • 0200L1047 Canada. Parliament
  • 0200J1057 Canada. Parliament--Elections
  • 0200G1083 Canada. Parliament. Senate
  • 1018H9672 Canada. Parliament. Senate--Reform
  • 0200G3485 CEGEPs (Educational institutions)
  • 0200C3594 Community colleges--Canada
  • 0200J2878 Elections--Canada
  • 0200G2950 Fairy tales--Canada
  • 0200A2980 Fires--Canada
  • 1005G0772 Floods--Red River Valley (Minn. and N.D.-Man.)
  • 1002J2009 Governors general--Canada
  • 0200B3196 Historic sites--Canada
  • 0200L3295 Indians of North America--Canada--Government relations--1951-
  • 1014B7606 Ivvavik National Park (Yukon)
  • 1017K8725 Kejimkujik Lake Region (N.S.)
  • 1010G6581 Laurentians (Québec)
  • 1010A6153 Lower Laurentians (Québec)
  • 0200J1545 Manitoba--History
  • 0200L1551 Manitoba--History--1945-
  • 1019E1742 Moisie River (Québec)
  • 1019C1744 Moisie River Valley (Québec)
  • 0200K1668 Motion pictures--Canada
  • 0200C1664 Mountains--Canada
  • 0200A1666 Mounted police--Canada
  • 0200C1702 National parks and reserves--Canada
  • 0200K1811 Northwest, Canadian--History--1870-1905
  • 1002E8574 Northwest, Canadian--History--To 1870
  • 0200L1829 Northwest Territories--History--1870-1905
  • 1012G9298 Ontario--Politics and government--2003-
  • 0200A1313 Québec (Province)--History--1976-
  • 0200G1334 Québec Campaign, 1759
  • 0200B1371 Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870
  • 0200A0783 Regional county municipalities
  • 0200C0188 Rivers--Canada
  • 0200A0201 Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • 1012K0360 Saint-Pierre, Lake (Québec)
  • 0200E0291 School elections--Canada
  • 0200B0367 Sports--Canada
  • 0200K3741 Universities and colleges--Canada
  • 0200C3772 Valleys--Canada

Modification of Tagging, and/or Source Code, and/or Subfield Coding

No tagging and/or subfield coding modified this month.

Cancelled Records

  • 0200K3601 "Concordia University Duplicates identical name authority record in AMICUS."
  • 0200L1519 "Loyola College (Montréal, Quebec) Replaced by name authority record, Loyola College (Montréal, Québec), in AMICUS. "
  • 0200K1900 "Olympic Games (21st : 1976 : Montréal, Quebec) Replaced by name authority record, Olympic Games (21st : 1976 : Montréal, Québec), in AMICUS."
  • 1009A1652 "Pointe-Saint-Charles (Montréal, Quebec) Replaced by name authority reocrd, Pointe-Saint-Charles (Montréal, Québec), in AMICUS."
  • 0200K0327 "Sir George Williams University Duplicates identical name authority record in AMICUS."
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