New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: January 2013

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1023D9967 Japanese Canadian women
  • 1024J0014 Special weeks--Canada
  • 1024B0010 Mental Health Week (Canada)
  • 1024E0018 Rwandan Canadians
  • 1024L0403 Business enterprises--Canada
  • 1024E0034 Arab Canadian business enterprises
  • 1024G0105 Admiralty Inlet (Nunavut)
  • 1024K0129 Scugog Carrying Place (Ont.)
  • 1024H0171 Wood sculpture, French-Canadian--Québec (Province)
  • 1024E0174 Small art works, French-Canadian--Québec (Province)
  • 1024F0173 Small art works, Canadian
  • 1024D0175 Small sculpture, French-Canadian--Québec (Province)
  • 1024F0238 Native businesspeople--Canada
  • 1024H0236 Inuit businesspeople--Canada
  • 1024J0243 Russian Canadian businesspeople
  • 1024C0184 Iranian Canadian business enterprises
  • 1024B0290 Albanian Canadians
  • 1024D0310 Small sculpture, Canadian
  • 1024K0315 Argentine Canadians
  • 1024G0318 Ecuadorian Canadians
  • 1024K0323 Guyanese Canadians
  • 1024D0329 Honduran Canadians
  • 1024L0330 Ivoirian Canadians
  • 1024K0331 Nicaraguan Canadians
  • 1024G0334 Thai Canadians
  • 1024E0336 Trinidadian Canadians
  • 1024D0337 Venezuelan Canadians


Revision to Headings

Table 1 - Revision to Headings

Former Heading New Heading
0200A2034 Plattsburgh (N.Y.), Battle of, 1814 ​0200A2034 Plattsburgh, Battle of, Plattsburgh, N.Y., 1814
​0200C3489 Champlain, Lake, Battle of, 1814 ​0200C3489 Lake Champlain, Battle of, N.Y., 1814
​0200D3771 Valcour Island (N.Y.), Battle of, 1776 ​0200D3771 Valcour Island, Battle of, N.Y., 1776
​0200G0214 Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu (Quebec), Battle of, 1837 ​0200G0214 Saint Charles, Battle of, Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Québec, 1837
0200B1428 Lacolle (Québec), Battle of, 1838 0200B1428 Lacolle, Battle of, Québec, 1838
0200B3153 Grand Pré (N.S.), Battle of, 1747 0200B3153 Grand Pré, Battle of, N.S., 1747
0200C1427 Lacolle (Québec), Battle of, 1814 0200C1427 Lacolle, Battle of, Québec, 1814
0200D0217 Saint John (N.B.)--History--Fire, 1877 0200D0217 Great Fire, Saint John, N.B., 1877
0200E1654 Montréal (Québec)--History--Fire, 1765 0200E1654 Great Fire, Montréal, Québec, 1765
0200F0215 Saint-Denis (Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec), Battle of, 1837 0200F0215 Saint-Denis, Battle of, Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Québec, 1837
0200H0213 Saint-Benoit (Mirabel, Québec)--History--Fire, 1837 0200H0213 Saint-Benoît Fire, Saint-Benoît, Mirabel, Québec, 1837
0200E0216 Saint-Eustache (Quebec), Battle of, 1837 0200E0216 Saint-Eustache, Battle of, Saint-Eustache, Québec, 1837
1001G6604 Black Canadians in business 1001G6604 Black Canadian businesspeople
1002G0679 Québec (Québec)--History--Riot, 1918 1002G0679 Conscription Riots, Québec, Québec, 1918
1002H1283 Ukrainian Canadians in business 1002H1283 Ukrainian Canadian businesspeople
1004A3100 Arras (France), 2nd Battle of, 1918 (August 26-September 3) 1004A3100 Arras, Battle of, Arras, France, 1918 (August-September)
0200A2832 ​Duck Lake (Sask.), Battle of, 1885 0200A2832 Duck Lake, Battle of, Sask., 1885

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 1002L1817 Native business enterprises--Canada
  • 0200A2980 Fires--Canada
  • 0200B1630 Minas (N.S.) Expedition, 1747

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