LAC MARC 21 for Government of Canada Publications

​​Library and Archives Canada cataloguing staff create high quality bibliographic records in MARC 21 format for selected items on the Depository Services Program weekly acquisitions list. These items are catalogued according to Resource Description and Access (RDA) and the Policy on Levels of Cataloguing Treatment for Publications Acquired by LAC.

MARC format, or Machine readable cataloguing format, is structured data designed to be read by computer software. These are data files, created by a machine, and intended to be ingested into another machine, such as your local library system. For more information, please refer to MARC 21 Reference Materials.

Please note that the MARC files provided are in batch form, so there will be several records within each file. For information on software tools, please refer to MARC Records, Systems and Tools.

Note: At this time LAC does not catalogue serial issues nor cartographic materials acquired through the Weekly Acquisitions Lists.

Weekly Acquisitions Lists

Library and Archives Canada's MARC 21 Records in batch form by Depository Services Program weekly acquisitions list:

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