Ordering copies online: Step 2. What you can order

Step 2. What you can order

You may order copies of items from the collection of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in the formats listed in Table 1. Digital copies may be sent to you electronically or put on a device (such as a CD, DVD, USB key or hard drive) and shipped to you (see Prices, time frames and delivery for available devices).

Copies of restricted material cannot be sent electronically, but can be mailed to you.

The quality (or resolution) of digital copies and photographic prints may vary depending on the format. Images are usually made at 300 dots per inch (dpi), but you may ask for a higher resolution on the order form using the special instructions box.

Table 1: Types of material that may be copied and the formats available

You may ask if other formats are available on the order form using the special instructions box.

Table 1
Types of materialFormats for copies
Architectural drawings and maps
  • TIFF
  • photographic print
  • photocopy (black and white,18 x 24 inches)
Art (paintings, stamp-related artwork)
  • TIFF
  • photographic print
Photographs and negatives
  • TIFF
  • photographic print
Sound recordings (cassettes, CDs, reel-to reel tapes and vinyl discs)
  • MP3
  • WAV
Text documents (archival records; books, magazines, microforms, theses, and other published material)
Videos (Blu-ray discs; DVDs; 16-, 28- and 35-mm films; and VHS tapes)
  • DVD
  • standard definition
  • high definition (2K)
  • ultra high definition (4K)
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