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Submit a request for information to Reference and Genealogy Services through the pages in this section. We will be pleased to assist you in your research.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are your locations and hours of service?

    For Ottawa, see Service and Opening Hours and Your On-site Visit.

    For Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver, see Service Points Outside of Ottawa.

  • How can I sign up for a user card at LAC?

    Use our online User Card Registration form.

  • Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just come by?

    At the Ottawa service point, our on-site services are available to all registered users without appointment. However, it can take anywhere from two hours to several days to retrieve materials from storage. You may also make an appointment in advance of your visit by contacting us.

    For Halifax, Winnipeg and Vancouver, please consult Service Points Outside of Ottawa.

  • What can I bring with me into the reference and consultation rooms while conducting research at LAC?

    You are allowed to bring the following items:

    • research notes
    • lead pencils
    • laptop
    • tape recorder

    You may only bring items required for your research; these will have to be put into a transparent plastic bag that the commissionaire will give you.

    You are not allowed to bring the following items:

    • coat
    • knapsack
    • umbrella
    • briefcase

    These items must be stored in a locker in the cloakroom. See Rooms and Regulations.

  • Are the LAC building and its facilities accessible to people with disabilities?

    See Accessibility.

  • Which tools will help me to search LAC's collection?

    See Research Resources.

  • What if I am unable to come to LAC in person?


  • What is the cost of photocopies and reproductions?

    See Photocopies and Reproductions: Price List and Service Standards.

  • Am I allowed to bring books or documents home with me?

    No. All LAC documents have to be consulted on site.

  • Are there fees for LAC's reference services?

    No. All services are free of charge, except for photocopies and reproductions.

  • Can I send a question to LAC?

    See Ways to Ask Us a Question.

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