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Library and Archives Canada (LAC) provides you with several research resources that make access to its collection easier.

How to access Library and Archives Canada records

  • Visit Library and Archives Canada
  • Order copies
  • Hire a freelance researcher
  • View digitized microfilm:
    Some of our microfilm reels with the prefixes C, H and T are digitized on our partner website Héritage. Digitized reels can be viewed free on that website. Enter the microfilm number in the search box, e.g. T-2366. If the reel is digitized, click on the reel title to see the images. You can browse through the page images; the content (text) is not searchable. Also note that an image/page number is not the same as an archival document page number.

If you cannot find the references to the records that you are looking for on our website, you can ask us a question.

Video: How to Begin your Search Online

Genealogy and Family History
For family history research, consult Sources by Topic for information about records relating to immigration, land, census, births, marriages and deaths, etc.
For information about how to access military personnel files, consult Sources by Topic under Military, which includes First World War and Canadian Forces after 1918 (including Second World War).

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Library and Archives Canada's (LAC) catalogue of books, periodicals, music, videos and other published materials.

Provides access to LAC's archival databases comprising references to records from governmental and private sources, including textual records, maps, works of art, photographs, videos and films, sound recordings, architectural drawings, stamps, medals and globes.

Collection Search
Allows you to perform searches throughout the various LAC databases. You can search the entire collection or limit your search using the tabs and left-hand menu options.

Digital collections and virtual exhibitions

More Topics: Browse By Topic
Every year, LAC creates several new web projects that showcase its digital collections and virtual exhibitions.

About the Collection
A more detailed description of LAC's collection.

Reference Internet Resources
A subject guide to authoritative web resources that may be of assistance in your research. Please note that this guide is only available on site at LAC.

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