Academic Research


Lay the Groundwork

Did you know that libraries of postsecondary institutions often provide access to subject specialists and thousands of online resources? LAC's collections complement the extensive resources in other research institutions across Canada.

Save yourself some time and try the following:

  • Have you contacted the reference services of your institutional library?
  • Have you discussed your research with the subject specialist of your institution?
  • Have you contacted other institutions with collections relevant to your research?
  • Have you checked our online research resources to familiarize yourself with our collections and to identify materials relevant to your research?
  • Have you consulted our guide to archival research?

Search for books and other published documents (Library Search and other Online Research Tools)

Search for archival and unpublished documents (Archives Search and Thematic and other online Research Tools)

Prepare to visit Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and consult material (Consulting, Borrowing, and Access)

Manage your Sources (Copyright, Citations, and Reproductions)

Ask A Question

Have a question? We're here to help! Response time can vary depending on the nature of your question and our workload.

Need to talk to a content specialist? As always, Library and Archives Canada's specialists (librarians and archivists) are available to you when their specialized expertise and tools are required. We ask that you contact Reference Services using the Ask Us a Question link below so that we can arrange contact with the relevant specialist, according to your needs.

Ask Us a Question

Suggestion: Help us make our assistance as useful to you as possible. Please be sure to include the following in your question:

  • the name of your research institution
  • the name of your program
  • a description of your research project
  • what resources you have already checked
  • anticipated dates of your visit to Library and Archives Canada (LAC), if applicable
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