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You can enter an Amicus number below, for a shortcut to information in Aurora


As we update our website to make way for Aurora, over 20 years worth of references to AMICUS will have to be replaced in guides, virtual exhibits, databases and other materials. However, you may still come across AMICUS numbers on archived pages that cannot be modified, or on the current website while we work to refresh it. Fortunately, you can still use AMICUS numbers to locate items in Aurora, even though the AMICUS number will not display in the new catalogue’s records.

Searching Aurora with AMICUS numbers requires two techniques:

  1. Using the Standard Number index sn:/sn=
  2. Adding zeros in front of the AMICUS number

Here’s how to do it

In the main search box or in the keyword field in Advanced Search, enter "sn:AMICUS" or "sn=AMICUS" then the AMICUS number preceded by as many

zeros as required to create a 12-digit number, omitting spaces.

For example, if the AMICUS number is 1216009, you would enter:


As the AMICUS number is 7 digits long, 5 zeros are added before it for a total of 12.

To find the item with the AMICUS number 42830 in Aurora, enter the following in the main search box or in the keyword field in Advanced Search:



This is a 5-digit AMICUS number, so 7 zeros must precede it to create a 12-digit number.

You should then obtain a search result for the correct publication in Aurora.

Please note that the AMICUS number will not be visible in the item record in Aurora.

If you require any assistance locating items with AMICUS numbers in Aurora, or for any help searching for materials, please contact us or speak to Reference staff onsite.

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