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Request a LAC user card

In order to request and renew materials, save searches, and more, you must have a Library and Archives Canada (LAC) user card. To request a LAC user card, first complete the registration form.

Sign in

Once you have received your LAC user-card barcode, you can sign in to your account at any time by clicking the "Sign In" button in the top-right corner of Aurora. If you are already signed in, your name will be displayed in the top-right corner.

Colour screenshot with arrow pointing at Sign In button.

Enter your barcode and password in the appropriate fields and click "Sign In".

Create or reset a password

If you are signing in for the first time or need to change your password, please click the “Set/reset password” link on the sign-in page.

Colour screenshot with arrow pointing at “Set/reset password” hyperlink.

On the next page, enter the barcode number you received when you registered for your LAC user card. Using the email address you provided at registration, [OCLC] will send you a link that allows you to set or reset your password.

If you did not provide us with an email address, or you have trouble establishing a password, please contact us.

Manage holds and checkouts, renew materials

To view the items checked out to you or requested for you, click on “My Account” in the upper right corner of Aurora and select “Checked Out" from the dropdown menu.

Colour screenshot with Name button highlighted and drop-down menu open below with arrow pointing at My Account option.

On this page, you will see an overview of your account with items you have requested and items that have been checked out to you by LAC staff, as well as options to view your contact information and change your Aurora password.

Colour screenshot with arrows pointing at “View” hyperlink on left and Change Password button on right.
Colour screenshot with arrows pointing at “View” hyperlink on left and Change Password button on right.


The first tab on the left, "Checked Out", shows the collection materials that are checked out to you for consultation at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa, and the number of these that are overdue, if any. Items that appear here are already available for consultation or will be so shortly, according to retrieval times. See the retrieval-times table for more information.

Colour screenshot with Checkouts tab highlighted.

For each item in your checkouts, the title, status and due date are listed.

When items are checked out to you, you receive an email notification with information on when and where to consult these materials.

Renew materials

To renew an item you have checked out, simply select the item and click the "Renew Items" button at the top of the “Checked Out” tab. Your account will now display the number of times you have renewed this item and its new due date. You may renew each item once yourself. Please speak to a staff member should you wish to renew an item more than once.

Colour screenshot with Checkouts tab highlighted and arrow pointing at Renew button on right.


Clicking "Requested" will display holds, which are items you have requested for retrieval, but that have not yet been made available to you for consultation. Staff may be in the process of locating requested materials for you, or the items have not yet reached their final destination. If you provided dates in your hold request, it will remain at the hold stage until a few days before your visit.

Colour screenshot with Holds tab highlighted.

For each item on hold, you will see the title, status and hold dates. Dates are system-generated, although we encourage you to enter the dates of your visit to LAC so that the materials you request are not returned to storage before you arrive on site.

Remove or edit holds

If you wish to cancel a hold, select the item and click the "Cancel Requests" button at the top of the “Requested” tab. Confirm by clicking "Cancel Request".

Colour screenshot with Holds tab highlighted and arrow pointing at Remove button on right.

To change your visit dates or modify item notes/comments, click "Edit Request" under the "Submitted Date" column next to the requested title. The pickup location must remain 395 Wellington Street. You should edit holds as early in the retrieval process as possible, ideally several days or even weeks before your on-site visit. Edits made within three days of your visit date will most likely not be seen by staff in time to be taken into account.

Email confirmation not received?

If you have not received an email notification that your requested item has been checked out to you by the date of your visit, please log in to your account. If the item is not listed under "Checked Out", but still shows under "Requested" or no longer appears in your account, it likely means that staff were unable to locate this title in our collection. You will receive a paper notice on the pickup shelves in the Consultation Room indicating why this item is not available for you to consult (missing, lost, etc.) Please see Reference staff for assistance in finding alternative materials.


If you have any questions about your account, holds or checkouts, please contact us or speak to Reference staff onsite.

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