Price List and Service Standard -- Microform

Effective January 1, 2014
Library and Archives Canada (LAC) handles all requests for microform copies but contracts out the copying to private companies. Duplicate copies conform to the original microfilm format (i.e. 16 mm or 35 mm). The original format can only be identified once the microfilm reel has been retrieved from the storage area. You will receive confirmation of your order from a member of our staff.
The unit cost includes a service charge of 20% for LAC to produce print masters and for other work involved in preparing the material for copying.
A surcharge of 100% is charged for rush services.
Applicable taxes are added to the total cost. Orders mailed outside Canada are tax-exempt.
Please note that duplication of reverse-polarity microfilms is no longer available.

Price per unit for identical polarity only

  • 16-mm roll microfilm: $41.00
  • 35-mm roll microfilm: $66.00

Service Standards and Terms and Conditions

The timeline for processing an order will depend on:
  • the number of items ordered;
  • the need to search for additional information; and
  • the workload.
Please submit your request well in advance of your deadline or choose the rush service.

Regular Service

Orders are processed within thirty (30) business days of receipt.

Rush Service

Orders are processed within ten (10) business days of receipt. Rush service is available only if the following conditions are met:
  • the reference number is provided;
  • consultation copies (copied material) exist and the C or T numbers are indicated on the request;
  • copyright status and access restrictions have previously been established;
  • access and copying restrictions do not apply or a letter of permission is included with the order;
  • no more than five (5) items are ordered;
  • the requested documents are available;
  • "rush service" is indicated on the request;
  • consent to pay the additional surcharge of 100% is indicated on the request; and
  • prepayment is made (the supplier will contact you before beginning the work).

To Order

All orders for reproductions must be sent directly to LAC and not to the supplier. Please complete the online Order Form for Reproductions. Should you order in person at LAC’s Ottawa facility, you will be contacted by the supplier to arrange payment. 
To ensure the secure delivery of the material, your order will be shipped via courier. The supplier will bill you for the shipping fees. 


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