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The material presented in the Portrait Portal represents only a fraction of the rich collection held at Library and Archives Canada. The Portal reflects the institution’s commitment to make its holdings accessible to the widest possible audience.
If you think you have more information about a portrait, please complete the Ask Us a Question Form available on the Library and Archives Canada website. We would love to hear from you!

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Searching for Portraits
  • Using Keywords
  • Using Wildcard Characters
  • Using Quotes
Search Results Page

Searching for Portraits

Using Keywords

Using the Search Portraits tool is easy: in the search box, just type one or more keywords that best describe the information you want, then select “Search” or press “Enter” on your keyboard.
Here are some examples of keywords: the name of an artist, the name of a person being featured in a portrait, the title of a work, the MIKAN number, or a date included in the MIKAN record. You may also enter a combination of any of the above. Capitalization is not needed and keywords can be entered in any order. Remember to leave a space between each keyword.
Example: Typing cassie campbell bryan adams will give you a portrait of Cassie Campbell taken by Bryan Adams.
Be specific.
It is wise to use multiple search terms.
Example: If you're planning to search Cassie Campbell, you'll get better results with cassie campbell than you would using just cassie or only campbell.

Using Wildcard Characters

Use an asterisk (*) to replace one or more characters or words in your search. This wildcard character will take into account possible spelling variations or typographical errors. Feel free to use it.
Example: Typing patriot* will give you results with patriote, patriots, patriotism, patriotic, patriotique, patriotisme, etc.

Using Quotes

Quotes help pinpoint exact phrases.
Entering your keywords in quotes will generate results that include an exact phrase.
Example: Typing “Pierre Trudeau” will only provide results where these exact words occur. The search will not find Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Search Results Page

The Search Results page lists all the portraits (10 per page) found by your search.
For more information about a portrait, click on the image or the displayed title. You may also find other links in the Search Results page, which are underlined in blue.
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