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Submit public opinion research reports to Library and Archives Canada

Federal organizations should use this form to submit public opinion research (POR) projects in digital format to Library and Archives Canada (LAC). These reports will be sent simultaneously to LAC and the Library of Parliament.

Responsibility for POR content

Federal organizations are solely responsible for the content, presentation, conformance, accessibility and quality of their ​POR projects, as outlined in the Public Opinion Research Contract Regulations, the Directive on the Management of Communications, Appendix C: Mandatory Procedures for Public Opinion Research, the Standard on Web Accessibility, section 2.2, and LAC's POR submission instructions.

For guidance on web accessibility, please consult the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's Guidance on Implementing the Standard on Web Accessibility and the manager of your departmental Web Standards Centre of Expertise.

Note: Technical guidance is available from LAC at the time of submission. However, LAC cannot make administrative changes of any kind to submitted POR projects. Please carefully review your finalized POR projects to ensure that all requirements are met prior to submission.

Step 1: Read and agree to the Library and Archives Canada Terms of Service for the use of the POR Access Portal.

I understand that compliance with Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s (TBS) policy instruments with respect to federal communications and the Standard on Web Accessibility is the sole responsibility of the federal organization that submits Public Opinion Research Reports (PORR) to Library and Archives Canada (LAC). I acknowledge that LAC cannot assume responsibility for content or compliance for which the submitting department is accountable. I agree to these terms of service, and am authorized to do so on behalf of my department.


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