Search Help: Search for a report

You can search for information on public opinion research reports (PORR) by:

  • name of the contracting department
  • name of the contractor
  • keywords appearing in the title of the report
  • the year in which the report was issued; and
  • the registration number ("POR" number) assigned to the report by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

You can also use any combination of these search elements.

Select "Submit" to start the search.

  1. Enter "Defence" in the search box for "Department name" and select "2007" from the menu in the search box for "Year"
  2. Select "Submit"
  3. The search will retrieve information on PORR completed for the Department of National Defence in 2007

Understanding search results

Citation information:

Basic citation information will be displayed for each report included in the search results.


If several items are included in the search results, you can use the "Sort By" menu, which appears roughly at the centre of the results page, to sort the results alphabetically by title, department, or contractor, or chronologically by the year in which the report was completed.

Executive summaries:

Immediately below the citation information for each report, there is a link to the executive summary for that report. By clicking on "View executive summary", you will be taken to a copy of the summary stored in the electronic collection of Library and Archives Canada.

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