How to Begin your Search Online


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Length: 1 minute, 21 seconds 
Narrator: Are you searching for a particular document for research purposes? Perhaps you’re curious to learn about your family’s history? Maybe you have a passion for old Canadian maps or art?
(Doodle transforms into a computer. A cartoon man is sitting at the computer; a thought bubble indicates he is thinking about family trees, diaries, books, and maps.)
Narrator: Library and Archives Canada has a vast collection. Though not every item in our collection is digitized, searching our collection online is a great place to begin your research.
(The word “Search” appears on the man’s computer screen.)
Narrator: Choose from one of our three main online search tools to start searching. The type of material you wish to find determines which of the tools to use.
(On the screen the three following options appear: 1. Archives Search 2. Ancestors Search 3. Library Search.)
Narrator: When searching for items like maps, correspondence, photographs, diaries and other items, use Archives Search.
(The man’s computer screen displays a map and a diary below the words “Archives Search”.)
Narrator: Want to know more about your family history? Ancestors Search allows you to search several genealogical databases at once.
(The man’s computer screen displays a family tree with faces on the branches below the words “Ancestors Search”.)
Narrator: Looking to find published materials? Use Library Search. From there you can search holdings of libraries across Canada as well.
(The man’s computer screen displays a desk and two bookcases, below the words “Library Search”.)
Narrator: Found what you’re looking for?
(The man is now pointing at the computer screen, which is displaying a diary, a photograph, a map, a book, and a family tree.)
Narrator: Or purchase a reproduction of an item;
(The man is now standing holding a paper reproduction, and giving the “thumbs up” gesture.)
Narrator: Or plan an in-person visit for items that can only be consulted in our building in Ottawa.
(The man is shown sitting at a desk consulting a stack of books, with a film reel and a computer nearby.)
Narrator: Didn't find what you're looking for?
(The man has a sad face and is staring at a computer screen that says “Not found”.)
Narrator: Remember: not everything we have is described individually in search tools.  You may need to use specialized tools or come on site for your research.
(The smiling man is now standing in front of Library and Archives Canada building.)
Narrator: Library and Archives Canada staff wants your research experience to be a positive one. If you need help, visit the “Contact us” section of our website for further assistance.
(Scene returns to the man’s computer desk; the screen reads “contact us”.)
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