On the Road to 2017 with Library and Archives Canada - Hockey and the First World War – Exhibition


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(Richard Provencher is standing in the Collection Reference Room at 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa)

Richard Provencher: Welcome to this new episode of On the Road to 2017 with Library and Archives Canada.

(Various pictures in black and white of Canadian soldiers on a motor lorry, walking back from the trenches, advancing in "No man's land", and of wounded being rendered first aid in a trench; and a screen shot of a recruitment poster on which we can read "Why don't they come?")

Richard Provencher: Library and Archives Canada continues to commemorate all the courageous men and women that contributed to Canada's effort during the Great War by inviting you to its latest exhibition on Hockey and the First World War.

(Camera shows a display from the Hockey Hall of Fame's exhibition showcasing items such as medals, papers, trophy, poster, banner, jacket, etc., and a group picture of the Librarian and Archivist of Canada Guy Berthiaume, Hockey Hall of Famers Johnny Bower and Leonard "Red" Kelly, LAC curator Carolyn Cook, Hockey Hall of Fame Vice-President and curator Phil Pritchard, and Hockey Hall of Fame Director of Public Relations Ron Ellis posing in front of the Memorial Cup)

Richard Provencher: Based on the exhibition Hockey Marching as to War: The First World War and A Century of Military Ties to the Game, which took place at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, this exhibit highlights the impact that the First World War had on hockey players.

(Screen shots of two papers from Frank McGee's Canadian Expeditionary Force service file and one from Conn Smythe's file, and Carolyn Cook, Curator at LAC, is sitting in the Collection Reference Room)

Carolyn Cook: Visitors to the exhibition will learn what hockey greats, like Frank McGee and Conn Smythe, did for their country, as well as how our national sport was actually used to boost recruitment and morale during the First World War.

(A picture in black and white of a group of women in long skirts ready to play hockey in 1906, and a picture in black and white of the Queen's University's women hockey team in 1917)

Carolyn Cook: And with all the men heading over to Europe to fight in the war, the exhibition shows how women really go their first chance to play professional hockey.

(A picture in black and white of a girls' team in 1921)

Carolyn Cook: So come on down this fall to visit the exhibition at 395 Wellington Street, in Ottawa.

(Screen shot of a recruitment poster advertising the 148th Battalion, and a screen shot of LAC's virtual exhibition entitled "Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective")

Richard Provencher: To learn more about the history of hockey in Canada, take a look at our virtual exhibition, Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective.

(Richard is standing in the Collection Reference Room)

Richard Provencher: See you along the Road to 2017!

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Richard Provencher: And remember, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to view the video series as soon as we publish them online.

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