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Richard Provencher: Once again, the lobby of 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa is being used to showcase reproductions from Library and Archives Canada’s vast and rich collection. This time around we are bringing back a popular exhibition: Double Take – Portraits of Intriguing Canadians. The exhibition offers visitors a look at remarkable Canadians some famous for glorious accomplishments, others, well they’re worth getting to know better.

Jacques Plante - the great Montreal Canadiens goalie. A hockey innovator, he was the first the first goalie to wear a mask in the National Hockey League on a regular basis. But, did you know he spent much of his spare time knitting? Yeah, he claimed it helped to calm his nerves. Must have worked. Remember he led the Habs to six Stanley Cups.

Dr. Norman Bethune – an accomplished surgeon and early champion of universal health care he invented the first ever mobile blood transfusion service. Chairman Mao Zedong was so impressed by his efforts on the battlefield he wrote a tribute to honour him. And to this day the tribute is recited by children throughout China.

Mary Pickford – Child star and Hollywood mogul. Born in Toronto, she started acting at the age of five and became the most beloved and famous female star of the silent film era. And, did you know, she also co-founded United Artists movie studios.

Romeo Dallaire, the Dionne quintuplets, and Gilles Villeneuve are just some of the other sitters waiting to be discovered. The exhibition is on display at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa from March 2 to June 7, 2015. And the best part, the exhibition is free.

Woman taking photos: Can we take a selfie?

Richard Provencher: Let’s do it. And remember, you can also check out the exhibition on the Library and Archives Canada website.

Richard Provencher for Library and Archives Canada.

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