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Library and Archives Canada uses podcasting as a tool in its efforts to communicate with Canadians around the world in a clear and interesting manner.


The podcast is produced by Library and Archives Canada. New podcasts will be released regularly. You can subscribe to this podcast via RSS or iTunes, all new podcasts will automatically download to your personal computer.
The content to be covered will include different themes such as:
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Immigration
  • Transportation
  • Genealogy
  • Military and Peacekeeping
  • Government

Information and material covered by Library and Archives Canada is subject to the Copyright Act of Canada. For more copyright information see the Terms and Conditions page on the Library and Archives Canada website. 
Official languages

Library and Archives Canada respects the Official Languages Act and is committed to ensuring that information products are available in both English and French, of equal quality. All our podcasts are available in both official languages. If you are using iTunes, simply view the Library and Archives Canada iTunes account in the language of your choice. 
You should be aware that some links may direct you to sites of other organizations or entities that are not subject to the Official Languages Act and that these sources may only be available in the language in which they are written.

Library and Archives Canada's iTunes accounts are not Government of Canada websites; therefore, you are encouraged to read the iTunes Privacy Policy
To protect your own privacy and the privacy of others, Library and Archives Canada recommends that you do not include personal information in your comments on iTunes. Personal information includes home addresses and telephone numbers, photographs containing images of identifiable individuals, and any other information consisting of personal information as defined in the Privacy Act of Canada. Should you have any questions about your privacy rights as explained in these Terms of Use, please see the Important Notices page on the Library and Archives Canada website. 

Library and Archives Canada is committed to accessibility and tries to ensure all Web functionality and content is accessible to everyone. Our podcasts are produced in both official languages, and are complete with transcripts. Audio files can be automatically downloaded to your personal computer, listened to via the Library and Archives Canada website, or subscribed to through RSS or iTunes. Both MP3 and M4a files are available for use. For more information, please visit the Accessibility page on the Library and Archives Canada website. 
If you require additional information about audio formatting and transcript availability please email us at

Links to other websites

Links to websites not under the control of Library and Archives Canada are provided for your convenience. Library and Archives Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, currency, or reliability of the content found on these sites. Library and Archives Canada does not offer any guarantee in that regard, nor do we endorse these sites or their content.

Comments and questions

Your feedback and interaction is highly encouraged. Comments can be made on iTunes, or submitted directly on the "Discover Library and Archives Canada: Your History, Your Documentary Heritage" podcast website. We welcome your comments and do not discriminate against any views. Disagreements and constructive arguments are acceptable as part of the discussion. However, abusive or insulting comments are not acceptable. We expect comments to be respectful of others.
Library and Archives Canada reserves the right to submit removal requests to iTunes for any comments or messages containing content that aren't appropriate, including any of the following:
  • Comments that are contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Comments that are racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting, or life-threatening.
  • Comments that are serious, not proven, not supported, or not accurate accusations against individuals or organizations.
  • Comments that are abusive, aggressive, coarse, vulgar, violent, obscene, or pornographic.
  • Comments that encourage or suggest illegal activity.
  • Messages that infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  • Messages that solicit, advertise or endorse any financial, commercial, or non-governmental agency. Similarly, we do not allow attempts to defame or defraud any financial, commercial, or non-governmental agency.
  • Announcements from labour or political organizations.
  • Messages written in a language other than English or French.
  • Comments not sent by the author or are posted by anonymous or robot accounts.
  • Messages that infringe upon an individual's privacy.
For podcast related questions and suggestions please email us at

For official Library and Archives Canada correspondence and requests please refer to the Contact Us section of our website.
Library and Archives Canada cannot engage in issues of party politics or answer questions that break the rules of our commenting policy.

Additional information

If you are looking for more information about Library and Archives Canada, please consult our website.
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