Who knew making a legal deposit could be so much fun!

Hey artists, book publishers, and music and film producers, did you know that as publishers you are required to send us two copies of your works for preservation purposes?

Known as making a legal deposit, it’s a super easy thing to do and, as you can see from these pictures, our objective is to make the experience a fun and memorable one.

In December 2016, renowned singer-songwriter Micah Barnes stopped by our offices to drop off two copies of his latest compilation, New York Stories. Little did he know then he’d be performing a duet photo op with the Librarian and Archivist of Canada.

In March 2017, Juno Vocal Jazz Album of the Year nominees Matt Dusk and Barbra Lica brought us their latest CDs and hammed it up with an unsuspecting staff member too eager to accept their legal deposit.

Please remember to submit your published work to legal deposit so we can keep it for future generations. If you happen to be in Ottawa and have a flair for the dramatic, contact bac.media.lac@canada.ca.

For more information on making a legal deposit at Library and Archives Canada (LAC), consult the web page on legal deposit.

Micah Barnes


“I’ll take that for the archives, thank you very much,” declares Librarian and Archivist of Canada Guy Berthiaume as he accepts Micah Barnes’ latest CD, New York Stories, for legal deposit on December 16, 2016.



Librarian and Archivist of Canada Guy Berthiaume and Canadian jazz icon Micah Barnes belt out a few tunes at LAC. In Ottawa for a December 16, 2016 concert, the artist stopped by to make a legal deposit of his recent release New York Stories.



Guy Berthiaume and Micah Barnes both wearing headphones standing in front of a microphone, singing 



Guy Berthiaume and Micah Barnes standing in front of a banner with the words Library and Archives Canada. Micah Barnes is holding his CD.  


Matt Dusk and Barbra Lica


2017 Juno nominees Matt Dusk and Barbra Lica ham it up with LAC’s Media Relations spokesperson Richard Provencher. On their way to the Juno Awards held in Ottawa on April 1, 2017, the Canadian jazz artists stopped by LAC to make a legal deposit of their latest CDs.



Richard Provencher holding 2 CDs standing behind Matt Dusk, reclining on a table with Barbra Lica leaning on the table pretending to play a toy piano 



Matt Dusk standing playing a toy saxophone and Barbra Lica seated playing a piano  



Matt Dusk standing with exaggerated raised arms and teeth bared behind a laughing Barbra Lica seated in front of a piano 


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