Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Works from Library and Archives Canada Opens at the Nickle Galleries in Calgary

Gatineau, Quebec, June 7, 2013 - Library and Archives Canada (LAC) announces the opening of its travelling exhibition, Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Works from Library and Archives Canada, at the University of Calgary’s Nickle Galleries. The exhibition explores the evolving concept of portraiture from more traditional representations of likeness to works that challenge the conventions of the genre.
Beyond Likeness features works by 23 contemporary artists including those by Rosalie Favell, Jane Ash Poitras, Pascal Grandmaison, Lucie Chan and Jerry Grey. The subjects of these portraits range from personalities, such as film director David Cronenberg, artist Bill Reid, author Margaret Atwood, former Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine, and filmmaker Deepa Mehta, to individual Canadians such as the residents of Richmond, British Columbia.
“Through collaborations, such as the one developed with the Nickle Galleries to present Beyond Likeness, Library and Archives Canada can make original works of documentary art accessible to Canadians across the country,” said Hervé Déry, Acting Librarian and Archivist of Canada.
With references to history, popular culture, autobiography and the perception of self, the exhibition shows that human identity is complex, constructed and unfixed. Together, the works form a narrative that reveals how character is shaped by personal biography—engaging the artist, the subject and the viewer in an active construction of meaning. The exhibition inspires and enables visitors to form their own opinions of how they perceive images of others and how they would project their own identities.
“The Nickle Galleries is always pleased to expand our programme through outstanding touring exhibitions, and Beyond Likeness is such a show and an opportunity to access this national initiative of Library and Archives Canada,” said Christine Sowiak, Curator of the Nickle Galleries. “This is a particularly compelling exhibition, taking a very traditional genre of art and giving it contemporary relevance.”
The Nickle Galleries, in Alberta, is hosting the exhibition Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Works from Library and Archives Canada from June 7 to July 27, 2013.
Discover Beyond Likeness: Contemporary Works on the Library and Archives Canada website.
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