Welcome to new Assistant Deputy Minister, Collections

It is my pleasure to welcome Amy Buckland to LAC. She will be joining us as the new Assistant Deputy Minister, Collections.

Amy is currently Head of Research and Scholarship at the University of Guelph, where she provides oversight for the development of a digital infrastructure to accommodate the needs of research teams and to support new forms of scholarly communication in a progressive and sustainable manner. She previously worked at the University of Chicago as Institutional Repository Manager, where she implemented the institutional repository service for publications and data to support sharing of research materials; she also drafted related policies, including collection development and deposit agreements.

Earlier, at McGill University, she managed the digitization team and established a scan- and print-on-demand program, led copyright and content licensing services, developed digital collection workflows, supported digital humanities efforts, and managed institutional repository policies and content. She also headed open access and scholarly communication initiatives, developing early policies and workflows for digital scholarship.

Very active in the academic community, Amy has authored or co-authored several publications and essays, and she gave dozens of presentations as guest speaker in Canada and the United States on topics such as data management, data sharing and open access. She is the recipient of many honours and has been involved in many grants.

Prior to joining libraries, Amy worked in publishing, first at the Montreal Gazette, then at a few trade publishers, and later at Cambridge University Press.

With her diversified background, Amy will be an active participant in the digital evolution of the organization and in implementing a vision to respond to the challenges of the current hybrid digital/analog environment and collections.

Amy will join LAC and start her new role on August 16.

Leslie Weir
Librarian and Archivist of Canada

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