Canada Day activities

This year, more than ever, Canada Day presents an opportunity to show solidarity, understanding, and resilience. It invites Canadians to come together to reflect on our history and culture. Most importantly, Canada Day gives us space to hold a truthful, reconciling, and inclusive dialogue, strengthen the ties that unite us, and look toward our country’s future with optimism while acknowledging the past.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is, again this year, offering an activity to mark Canada Day.

Discover all the activities included in the Canada Day Kit and enter the Contest for a chance to win prizes.

Test your geography skills with LAC’s Guess where? Game by matching archival photos with the provinces or territories in which they were taken. Play alone, or with your family, or challenge your friends! The game is available in two versions, to keep the fun going.

Beyond the contents of the kit, we can also invite you to learn more about Canada and to appreciate its size, beauty and diversity:

  • Read LAC’s blog posts about great Canadian symbols and the history of particular communities
  • Listen to our Canada’s Flag: The Maple Leaf Forever podcast, which tells the story of the Canadian flag we have known for the past 56 years
  • View the virtual album of the same name for archival images about our flag’s creation
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