Update on Theses Canada for universities and students

Over the past couple of weeks, we received several questions about how Library and Archives Canada (LAC) acquires theses from Canadian universities. Currently, LAC is renewing its Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with universities across the country. The goal of these MOUs is to allow LAC to obtain or “harvest” electronic content directly from universities. LAC stopped using a private company to acquire and distribute theses in 2015.

LAC’s website remains a one-stop shop for all theses obtained through past and current MOU agreements. LAC has valid licences signed by students, or MOUs signed by universities, to provide access to theses through the Theses Canada database. Only the students themselves and/or content owners can give permission to a third party to distribute their material.

Should you have further questions on the Theses Canada program, please visit the Theses Canada web page or contact the Theses Canada team.​

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