Policy on Maintaining the Canadian National Union Catalogue

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has recently established a Policy on Maintaining the Canadian National Union Catalogue, which clarifies the roles and responsibilities for the management of the National Union Catalogue (NUC). This new policy will be implemented iteratively through collaboration between LAC and a NUC Advisory Council.

The NUC Advisory Council will comprise representatives from LAC and stakeholders from the library community in Canada. It will act as a collaborative and transparent consultation forum, which will allow LAC to seek advice and support for the NUC.

The policy also specifies that the management of Voilà, the NUC platform, will be led by LAC. This public interface is hosted by OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center), an international non-profit library co-operative. Voilà is a single point of access to the published collections of libraries across Canada, including books, magazines, maps, music and more.

For more information on this new policy and its implementation, consult LAC Strategic Policy Suites web page.​

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