LAC launches new series of short podcasts: Treasures Revealed

Podcast fans, get your audio devices! You can now listen to the first podcast in the Treasures Revealed series.

Each episode in this new series is 10 to 20 minutes long and features a special object from Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) collection. Whether for their rarity, historical significance or special interest, these items are Canadian treasures, and LAC experts will share why with you. They will also recount fascinating stories about the creation, discovery, preservation or significance of these items.

Here is a peek at what to expect in the upcoming episodes:

  • In the first episode, entitled “Cat Letter”, discover a 1908 letter written by Dominion Archivist Arthur Doughty to his superior. Find out why this archivist is seeking reimbursement for the purchase of several pints of milk.
  • The episode “Pimm's Panorama” relates the story of a rare First World War military panorama, from the creation of the drawing in a trench in Belgium, to its fortuitous discovery in LAC’s archives in 2014.
  • In another episode, discover one of the nearly 100 watercolours painted by Francis George Coleridge and held by LAC: “Woman on Snowshoes.” Learn what this work reveals about the lives of First Nations women in the middle of the 19th century.

Access all of our audio content on the Discover Library and Archives Canada podcast page. Be sure to catch every episode by subscribing to our Discover podcasts using RSS, iTunes, Google Podcasts or LAC’s YouTube channel.

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