Census and history: Four blog posts to read before you start your research

Census data is a valuable resource that enriches our understanding of the past. It serves as a starting point for many genealogical research projects. At Library and Archives Canada (LAC), we hold census records dating back as far as 1640, and we make them available, as required by law, 92 years after they were collected.

For the 2021 Census, Statistics Canada, in collaboration with LAC, has developed four blog posts related to the usefulness of census data for genealogical research:

In these articles, you will learn more about the information available in censuses and what you will need to start your own research. They also contain tips and tricks for searching Canadian census data using LAC's search engine.

Read the blogs, start your research and take part in the 2021 Census! Starting in 2113, people will be able to see the data we have collected, 92 years earlier.

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