What’s new in the collection: the winter 2020 edition is out!

Several new treasures have arrived along with this new year of 2020.

Any train fans out there? The Peter Vincent fonds, containing the works of the designer of the external graphics for the famous Confederation Train that crossed the country in 1967, is now available for consultation. This fonds has artworks including drawings, collages and model train cars used in creating the patterns that adorned this travelling national museum.

In addition, the archives of two fine female writers have been added to the collection:

  • the second accession to the Francine Ouellette fonds, featuring works by an author known for historical sagas that were adapted for television
  • the archives of Arlette Cousture, including manuscripts and scripts of novels and the hit TV series Les Filles de Caleb.

Also, some gems from Vancouver, Saint-Sauveur, Toronto and even New York have enriched our collection. That’s right! While we acquire works published in Canada regardless of subject, language or format, we do the same for works published outside the country if the author, editor, translator, illustrator or performer is Canadian or if the subject is related to Canada.

The next edition of What’s new in the collection will be released in spring 2020.

Happy discoveries!

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