Molly Lamb Bobak, An Artist to Discover: A Co-Lab Challenge

War artist Lieutenant Molly Lamb, Canadian Women’s Army Corps, sketching at Volendam, Netherlands, September 1945 (a115762)

In Canada, October is Women’s History Month. It is a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions made by Canadian women and girls throughout our history. Which is why we are launching the Molly Lamb Bobak Co-Lab Challenge today.

Ms. Bobak is recognized as the Second World War artist who best illustrated the lives of Canadian women in the military. She was also the first woman to be officially appointed as a Canadian war artist.

Shortly after enlisting, Molly Lamb Bobak began writing her diary, a valuable record of the role played by the Canadian Women’s Army Corps in the war effort. Simply titled W110278 (her service number), this hand-written and hand-illustrated document provides a personal and informative account of daily life in the military. Written between November 1942 and June 1945, it contains 147 illustrated pages as well as some 50 additional drawings, made on loose sheets of paper inserted between the pages.

You now have the opportunity to discover more about the author of this remarkable work, while introducing her to others!

By participating in this Co-Lab Challenge, you will get to browse through this artist’s unique diary and translate or transcribe the text. You will thus contribute to making her content available in our Collection Search tool. Want to do more? You can label and describe the diary pages to make them easier to find when searching. Your contribution is essential to making this wonderful book accessible to all!

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