How well do you know Canada? Play this game to find out!

This year, Canadians will observe Canada’s birthday from home. So we’re inviting you to celebrate by discovering a little more about Canada through our online game. Test your knowledge of some of the most beautiful spots in the country with our game Guess where? Link each image to the corresponding province or territory on the map. If that first game isn’t challenging enough for you, try number two—we’ve taken it to the next level!

Because Canada is inviting you to celebrate from home, the federal government is offering you a number of creative and educational interactive activities for the whole family. Check out the Peace Tower activity pack to find out more!

Like thousands of Canadians, are you staying home? Library and Archives Canada also offers lots of resources for staying home and exploring Canada’s heritage. Our collection provides a wealth of insight into how our society has pulled together and coped with collective crises in the past.

Happy Canada Day and enjoy your virtual celebrations!

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