Closing of Archives Search

As we continue to improve web experiences for our clients, we are also looking for ways to streamline our search tools. In mid-September, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will close the Archives Search tool, which has reached the end of its lifespan.

Collection Search already contains everything from Archives Search, plus content from twenty-two other LAC databases. It also has dozens of additional features and functionalities.

Recently, we improved Collection Search by adding a new viewer so you can see items in full-screen mode and download many of them for off-line research. The viewer also brings LAC’s Co-Lab experience to a new level, allowing you to contribute to almost any record by transcribing, tagging, describing or translating content.

Archives Search search results will no longer be available by mid-September. Consequently, if you bookmarked or linked to a search result found in Archives Search, it will no longer be accessible. However, you will be able to replicate your search in Collection Search.

As we fully implement this change, we will be reviewing all parts of our website and we will ensure that Archives Search links are replaced with Collection Search links. This will be done as quickly as possible. If you encounter any broken links, please feel free to bring this to the attention of our web team.

Training sessions will be offered to help you familiarize yourself with the Collection Search tool and functionalities. We will announce the dates in the next few weeks.

LAC is committed to providing access to Canada’s archival collection. If you have questions about using Collection Search to do your research, contact the Collection Search team. If you have questions about improvements to our website, contact the web team.

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