Discover initiatives to help preserve Indigenous heritage

Indigenous documentary heritage initiatives

The graphic design for the Indigenous Documentary Heritage Initiatives includes (from left to right) Tatânga Mânî, Iggi and young Inuit girl, and Maxime Marion. Learn more about the design .

For years, LAC has worked on initiatives that help preserve and enhance access to Indigenous heritage in the collection.  In 2017, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) received $14.9 million to support Indigenous communities to preserve culture and language recordings and to increase access to Indigenous-related content in LAC's collection. With these goals in mind, LAC is pleased to unveil two Indigenous Documentary Heritage Initiatives: "We Are Here: Sharing Stories" and "Listen, Hear Our Voices".

Discover Indigenous heritage content in LAC's collection and how the "We Are Here: Sharing Stories" initiative provides greater access to these holdings. The First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation-related content in LAC's holdings include text, photographs, maps, and audio-visual documents that represent Indigenous experiences and contributions to Canada.

As part of the "Listen, Hear Our Voices" initiatives, LAC offers services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation communities to preserve culture and language recordings. Seven archivists from LAC, based in traditional territories, will help deliver tailored services to digitize existing recordings, store digital files and create archival guidelines.

It is only through meaningful collaboration with Indigenous peoples that LAC can understand, preserve and present Indigenous heritage in a manner that is relevant, historically accurate, and culturally appropriate.

Through community engagement, LAC will learn how best to provide access to its collections and further support digitization and preservation priorities in Indigenous communities. This will pave the way as LAC continues towards truth, reconciliation and inclusion.

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