Improved web experience

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is your one-stop shop for discovering Canada's history. We have begun making changes to our website to improve your experience. Old and out-of-date content is being archived, deleted and/or reorganized.

What's new so far? We have enhanced our Collection Search with new databases and features, and reworked content to create the Acquisitions section, where you can also find the newly designed legal deposit pages.

As we further review and improve our web content, we will continue to move some of it around, and we will archive old databases that reside on old servers.

That's right, even LAC's web content needs to be archived! We are therefore also preparing to close the Collections Canada website, a repository of sub-sites, pages and databases.

Not to worry, this content will either be moved to our current website or be archived on the Government of Canada Web Archive site. For a while, you will be redirected to one of these options if you are looking for that material.

LAC remains committed to providing continued access to Canada's documentary heritage. Contact us if you have any questions about these improvements to our website.

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